Residential Kitchen Project

Combining stone textures and colours
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Project Image

Residential Kitchen Countertops

Mixing and matching countertop surfaces is a rising trend in creating stunning kitchens and bathrooms.. Combining stone surfaces with contrasting or supporting colour schemes and textures can add drama and visual impact. If you are using a beautiful slab of marble and do not quite have enough to surface the whole kitchen, consider using it for an island. Choose a contrasting, more affordable. granite or quartz stone surface to areas where it will be well used.

In this kitchen, the owners chose a light coloured granite for the island and a black granite for the countertops.  The end effect is elegant and warm.

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This is a relatively small kitchen. The owners made a great decision in choosing a lighter stone for the island surface. If the black countertops were extended to include the island, the kitchen would appear smaller and less cheery. This blend of stone surfaces creates the perfect balance of elegance and warmth.

  • Client : Residential Home Owner
  • Location : Kingston, Ontario
  • Year Completed : 2019
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